New music: Flok

Dublin based DIY record (or should I say cassette) label Quarter Inch Collective released a whole batch of new releases recently (click here for details). One such group caught up in the opening of the flood-gates are Inishannon innovators Flok.

Lo-fi loveliness seeps from every (quarter) inch of their new eponymous EP, a humble three-track collection of warm-your-soul-by-the-camp-fire folk songs. This southern Cork trio - comprised of Niall Flynn (Guitar, Vocals), Fiachra Wall (Violin, Bass) and Jody B. Coogan (Drums, Percussion) -'s understated song craftsmanship is nothing less than a joy to behold with the threesome letting their musicianship do all the work, effortlessly gliding through cleverly-constructed compositions that just flow so naturally they could have been sewn and grown in a field. Beautiful stuff from Inishannon.

UPDATE Physical copies of Flok now available to buy in Plugd Records, Cork

- Flok's eponymous EP is out now on Quarter Inch Collective
- Download Flok for FREE from bandcamp here