New music: Rainbow Teeth

Every now and then a record comes along that is so bonkers that it might be brilliant. Long Island's Rainbow Teeth have no qualms about straddling that particularly ambiguous line between madness and excellence, case in point their eponymous new record.

Organised chaos reigns free on the soon-to-be-released long-player - "nine guitars, five basses, and four vocalists" were used in a painstaking attempt to perfect the tone and feeling of each section of the album - resulting in extravagant musical adventures such as the outstanding bouncing ball that is 'Richard Head', the absorbing 8-bit video game escape to cloud cuckoo land that is 'It's Irrelevant' and the frenzied funhouse flaunt of 'Purge the Octopus '. In the band's own words:

"The album is an adventure through the musical spectrum. It is a denouement of our experience with music as we move through branches of indie, surf, post, experimental, math, black metal, atmospheric, punk, jazz, and try to bring everything together into something that we really enjoyed writing, playing, and listening. It was emotionally debilitating with every detail scrutinized. We exposed ourselves completely with this album. It is an honest album with nothing held back."

Bonkers yes but who enjoys sane? Certainly not me these days.

- Rainbow Teeth by Rainbow Teeth is released in the US on 19th July
- The album is available to stream/download online via their official bandcamp site