Fore·cas·tle (f’ok_sol) n. ~ A superstructure at the bow of a ship where the crew is housed. Hard at work in the unruly sea, a place workers gather to unwind after a hard day of labor. A place where the people come together.

There are many reasons why a trip to Kentucky strongly appeals to me: The virtuoso fingers of Rachel Grimes, the very fact that it's nicknamed the bluegrass state, the current holders of the G-Man's Album of the Year title King's Daughters and Sons, a considerably more external-friendly climate, Daniel Martin Moore, Seluah and dozens of other incredible musicians and artists. The straw that breaks the camel's back may turn out to be the one of the most amazing music festivals currently in existence: Forecastle.

Sadly (or from a cynical financial point of view - gladly), my attention was drawn to these three days of musical bliss weeks after the likes of Wilco, Beach House, Wye Oak, Deer Tick, the majority of the aforementioned Kentucky natives and a whole host of other extraordinarily talented musical folks turned up to play Louisville in the midst of a scorching July Summer.

Now in its tenth year, the festival began all the way back in 2002 when various bands gathered in Tyler Park, Louisville (Kentucky) for "a free, outdoor, summer festival, arranged to celebrate the camaraderie of the Louisville music community." Costing just €500 to stage (all the stages/stands etc. and music was provided for free), the festival has evolved to national status rated as one of the "Top 15 Outdoor Festivals in the Country", a considerable feat seeing as the U.S. hosts so many musical extravaganzas per annum. For more on the history of Forecastle see here. Plans may be made for a trip Stateside in 2013.

- Forecastle was held in Louisville, Kentucky July 13th-15th
- Visit for more details


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