New Music: Blonds

2011's Dark Roots EP attracted a significant amount of torchlight in the all-consuming darkness that can be the music industry, so Brooklyn-based Blonds have quite a solid foundation to build on once debut full length The Bad Ones hits the shelves.

At first listen, the results of Jordy Asher and Cari Rae's musical partnership sounds just like another NY indie band but plain fun pop tunes such as 'Sunshine Hate' show there is a quite a lot going on beneath the hood of this dynamic duo's motor. The first couple of singles (streamable below) continue in that same vein of delightful surprise so all we can do is patiently wait for a European release date. Unless you live in the U.S. Then you are probably smugly listening away to The Bad Ones on your oversized headphones. Lucky ducks.*

*Note the 'd'

Full track-list for The Bad Ones:
1. Heartstrings
2. Amen
3. The Bad Ones
4. Run
5. Mr. E
6. Time
7. Falling
8. Gospel Kid
9. Magic
10. If Only
11. Locomotion

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- Blonds play Debaser in Stockholm on August 31st

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