New music: Deap Vally

Deap Valley

There's no denying it: These girls are fun.

Similar to their idols Thelma & Louise, San Fernando Valley's Lindsey Troy & Julie Edwards sound as if their own Ford Thunderbird is hurtling straight off a cliff, blaring sweaty, bluesy rock and roll en-route to that eternally fiery concert in the netherworld. The mission statement is simple:

"We are valley girls. We sing the blues. We play rock'n'roll. We sweat. We move. We groove. We are Deap Vally. xx"

'Gonna Make My Own Money' is pretty much the only official recording that is spinning around the internet at this current moment in time, but it's a damn fine old-fashioned gritty and grimy guitar gem. Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes may be seared into the duo's very fabric of existence but sometimes you just want to jump up and down and smash things. Deap Valley provide the perfect soundtrack for such shenanigans.

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