New Videos: Cast of Cheers, Christian Bookshop & more

'Human Elevator' by Cast of Cheers

A new album under their belts, The Cast of Cheers are currently in the midst of an Ireland & U.K. tour. See their official site below for tour details.

Official website:

'Singin' Freebird' by Christian Bookshop

Christian Bookshop is Jimmy Monaghan/Seamus O’Muineachain (and drummer for Yawning Chasm) and Aisling Walsh, two of the loveliest, most talented folks you could ever hope to meet. And this is 'Singin' Freebird'.

Official website:

'Pause Rewind' by bassDrumsnareDrum (feat. Betty Steeles)

Way back when this blog was just a chap in short trousers a talented lady by the wonderful name of Betty Steeles took the time to converse with The G-Man for what would turn out to be this blog's first ever artist interview (click here to read). Since that faithful day, Ms. Steeles has hooked up with producer bassDrumsnareDrum lending her inviting vocals to the track you can stream below. How time flies...

Free download of another bassDrumsnareDrum - 'All We Need' - can be downloaded here.

Official website:

'When I Go' by Dig a Little Deeper

"Some of the brightest talent from Ireland’s Jazz community" have combined to record and release Songs From The Small Hours, eleven original compositions that will see an official launching in Whelan's on October 24th. See the video below for 'When I Go'.

Official website: