Amazing Radio interview with The G-Man

Incessant champions of new music, Amazing Radio recently asked The G-Man to motor his mouth on various topics such as latest tips, blog advice and other such musings and meanderings. For those new to the online UK station here's the official blurb:

It’s a new kind of radio, with 100% new music sourced entirely from We think it’s the first interactive radio station in the world; it’s definitely the first one where all the music comes from new and emerging artists.And it’s the first national UK radio station to be based outside of London.

DJ's such as Ruth Barnes and former Cocteau Twin Bella Union (UK home to extraordinarily talented bands such as Fleet Foxes and Dirty Three) head Simon Raymonde consistently treat eager ears to playlists sculpted from the freshest - and sometimes raw - talent looking to make their mark on the music world.

To stream Tuesday's breakfast show with Ruth Barnes in its entirety simply pique your ears and press play on the below player. If the excitement is too much for you, fast forward or click on to about the 149-minute mark for the My Blog Is Better Than Your Blog section.

Links to all the bands mentioned during the interview:

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