Festival News: Valentia

As the urban, Wintry festivals announce their line-ups there is one last camping festival set to take place in Ireland on the south-western island of Valentia. The boutique festival - making its inaugural bow this weekend - is set to feature a range of activities for kids and adults alike with comedy, music and art all on the agenda.

Rubber Bandits, Tieranniesaur, Slow Motion Heroes, Ham Sandwich, Fred, Toby Kaar, The Frank & Walters and more provide the soundtrack for a weekend that is set to shine, maybe leading in the way in when to schedule a festival when it comes to the weather.

For more on Valentia Island Festival visit:

- Valentia Island Festival takes place 14th-16th September
- Tickets are priced at €39.50 (day)/€79.50 (weekend without camping) and €94.50 (weekend with camping)
- For more info on tickets, schedules etc. visit www.valentiaislefestival.com

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