Hard Working Class Heroes: The Schedule

The full time-table for October's Hard Working Class Heroes festival is out and done out in "fancy" table form below.
Alternatively, click here to see the schedule on the official HWCH12 site.

Thursday, 4th October
The Workman's ClubMercantileTwisted PepperMeeting House SquareThe Grand Social
12.30-2.30am Folie A Deux DJ set11.40-12.10 Biggles Flys Again12.30-2.30 Yours Truly DJ set10.30-11.00 Spies
11.40-12.10 Jogging11.00-11.30 Moo!11.30-12.10 Lemonada11.30-12.30 Solar Bears9.50-10.20 Ginnels
11.00-11.30 Futures Apart10.20-10.50 EleventyFour10.40-11.10 CLU10.40-11.10 Si Schroeder9.10-9.40 Tandem Felix
10.20-10.50 Hush War Cry9.40-10.10 Twin Terrace10.00-10.30 Ghosts10.00-10.30 Daithi8.30-9.00 Benny Smiles
9.40-10.10 Bouts9.00–9.30 Sans Chateaux9.20-9.50 Replete9.20- 9.50 SertOne7.50-8.20 A Dark Horse
9.00-9.30 Dogs8.40-9.10 The Animators8.40-9.10 Low Sea
8.00-8:30 Temper-Mental MissElayneous8.00-8:30 KaraKara

Friday, 5th October
The Workman's ClubMercantileTwisted PepperMeeting House SquareThe Grand SocialButton Factory
1am-2.30am Gugai (Strange Brew DJ Set)1.00-1.30 Gavin James11.30-12.30 Le Galaxie
12.20- 12.50 Ships12.20-12.50 Electric Penguins10.40-11.10 Croupier10.30-11.00 The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock
11.40-12.10 Come On Live Long11.40-12.10 Frankenstein Bolts10.00-10.30 Frank B10.00-10.30 Ghost Estates9.50-10.20 Lisa O' Neill10.00-10.30 We Cut Corners
11.00-11.30 Girl Band11.00-11.30 Dylan Tighe9.20-9.50 Young Wonder9.20-9.50 Sweet Jane9.10-9.40 Cfit9.20-9.50 The Ambience Affair
10.20-10.50 Simon Bird10.20-10.50 Inni-K8.40-9.10 Nouveaunoise8.30-9.00 The Depravations8.40-9.10 A Lazarus Soul
9.40-10.10 Elaine Mai9.40-10.10 Cocophone8.00-8.30 Steve McEvoy8.40-9.10 Kid Karate7.50-8.20 Aisling Quinn8.00-8.30 Groom
9.00-9.30 Forrests9.00-9.30 Junah8.00-8:30 LaFaro
8.20-8.50 Kool Thing8.20-8.50 Leanne Harte

Saturday, 6th October
The Workman's ClubMercantileTwisted PepperMeeting House SquareThe Grand SocialButton Factory
1am-2.30am Sacred Animals V Feel Good Lost DJ set12.20-12.50 The Alice Kona Band11.30-12.30 Delorentos
12.20-12.50 Grand Pocket Orchestra11.40-12.10 Hello Moon10.40-11.10 The Mighty Stef10.30-11.00 The Gorgeous Colours10.10-10.40 Last Days of 198
11.40-12.10 September Girls11.00-11.30 Eatenbybears10.00-10.30 Faws10.00-10.30 The Dirty 9s9.50-10.20 Owensie9.40-10.10 Sleep Thieves
11.00-11.30 Skelocrats10.20-10.50 Wiltz9.20-9.50 Reid9.20-9.50 Heritage Centre9.10-9.40 Deaf Joe9.00-9.30 Autumn Owls
10.20-10.50 I ♥ The Monster Hero9.40-10.10 Familiar Creatures8.40-9.10 White Collar Boy8.40-9.10 Hudson Taylor8.30-9.00 Pearse McGloughlin and Nocturnes8.20-8.50 Land Lovers
9.40-10.10 The Casanova Wave9.00-9.30 Water Cycle8.00-8.30 PolyDROID8.00-8:30 The Strypes7.50-8.20 Conor Mason7.40-8.10 Carried By Waves
9.00-9.30 Dott8.20-8.50 Niamh Regan7.20–7.50 Lamont/Bailey/Wall7.10-7.40 Little Bear7.00-7.30 Nanu Nanu
8.20-8.50 Slow Skies
7.40-8.10 Red Sail

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- Hard Working Class Heroes takes place in various Dublin venues October 4th, 5th & 6th
- For more on Hard Working Class Heroes visit hwch.net

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