New Music: The Fervor

If I have learned but one blessed fact these past 18 months, it is that all musicians born or based in Louisville, Kentucky are nothing more than walking clich├ęs.

Severing such tightly bound straps of stereotype is never easy, but why attempt such a feat when the predefined typecast characteristics list as: incredibly talented, organically evolved, genuinely gifted and - to but it bluntly - brilliant. Natalie Felker, Ben Felker and Mat Herron are another trio tainted with similar afflictions.

In the tradition of fellow Louisvillians King's Daughters and Sons, The Fervor's recent release is a sprawling symphony of americana-accented rock. Natalie Felker's alluring drawl deceives the listener into the witting purchase of a one-way ticket into the depths of dark, doomed woods. Recorded during "the first studio sessions after the addition of bassist Michael Campbell", 'Yellowwood' takes us on a journey similar to that of Hansel and Gretel, except we know we're not coming back.

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- 'Yellowwood' was released as a digital single via Karate Body Records on 18th September
- To purchase the single click here

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