Plugd Purchases

Admittedly it's easier for bloggers, journalists and radio folk to harp on about buying music when they get the majority of theirs for absolutely sweet fuck all.

Personally, the thrill of picking out a few records or cds from the shelves of the local purveyor of musical oxygen is still (well not exactly the same but close) as exciting as the first time I could afford to do so. Come to think of it there was a good reason musical rivalries existed in the past as teenagers simply couldn't afford to like both bands - they had to choose. Financially it wasn't possible for most to "be into" both. So I chose Oasis which for monetary mad reasons meant I "hated" Blur.

True that ramble took me completely off-centre so time to get to the point: I spend shitloads of what I am fortunate to have on music. Some may say to the detriment of my wardrobe as who could think about expensive pieces of going-to-rip-anyhow cloth when the new Iron & Wine long player is squatting seductively on a shelf on the 1st floor of the Triskel (Cork). And beans on toast for the last two weeks of the month is fine by me. To back this up, the plan is to post anything new that follows me out of Jim and Albert's (of Plugd Records) super little store.

There will be no reviews (for now). The idea is kind of this...
  • Make folks aware that these records are currently out and available. If not fortunate enough to find yourself in a position to visit Plugd then alternative arrangements may be made to get yourself a copy via your own local record store.
  • Hopefully inspire some other musical loving magpies with a penchant for shiny things to visit their local store.
  • Get people to listen to the music. This manboy-blogger is no charity case. This is my hard-earned "real job" dosh that is being exchanged for what I feel is good stuff. Hopefully a few of you guys will agree.

So as the photo suggests this week's purchases are:

Cat Power - Sun

For more on Cat Power visit:

Seti The First - Melting Cavalry

For more on Seti The First visit:

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love This Giant

For more on David Byrne & St. Vincent visit:

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