The Cork Music Show Sunday, 23rd September

Sunday saw The Cork Music Show present a NOISE WEEKENDER special. See below for the full playlist.

The full playlist for September 23rd (all bands marked in      play the inaugural NOISE WEEKENDER on the weekend of the 28th September. Click here for more info.) :

01. Trumpets of Jericho: Uh!
02. No Spill Blood: No Retreat
03. The Altered Hours: Daydream Parade
04. Superblondes: Kill Some Time
05. Lamp: Blades And Ladders
06. Versives: Two Enemies
07. The Great Balloon Race: Pockets (live) playing The Roundy, Cork Friday 5th Oct

08. REID: Remix of Come On Live Long's White Horses
09. Cormac O'Caoimh: A New Season For Love
10. Terror Pop: Wait playing The Gateway Saturday 29th Sept
11. John Blek & The Rats: Take The Ring From Your Hand playing Coughlan's Thursday 27th Sept
12. When Good Pets Go Bad: Da Zu Kid

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