Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Christmas single

'Tisn't the season quite just yet but any music news stamped Bonnie "Prince" Billy is worth sharing no matter how premature.

Domino have announced a preview to the coming team-up between prolific songwriter Will Oldham and the Spokane-raised Dawn McCarthy. The duo - who have collaborated previously such as on Oldham's 2006 record The Letting Go - will release a Christmas 7" featuring 'Christmas Eve Can Kill You' and 'Lovey Kravezit', both originally recorded by sixties siblings The Everly Brothers. Recorded in Nashville, the holiday single will serve as a preview to the full-length album of Everly Brothers titles soon to follow from the terrific twosome.

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- 'Christmas Eve Can Kill You'/'Lovey Kravezit' will be released on 16th November (19th UK)
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