Cork Gig Guide (October 21st-October 29th)

Clock Opera - Cyprus Avenue, Wednesday

The week beginning Monday, 21st October is all about the 2012 Cork Jazz Festival with a day-by-day breakdown to appear on the blog later in the week. Before the jazz hands officially come out in force, there are a few tasty morsels that may slip through unseen such as the return of Londoners Clock Opera to Cyprus Avenue on Wednesday night.

Despite being around for ages (having released nearly a half-dozen EPS since 2009), the synth-indie kids only released debut record Ways To Forget in April which has seen the band steadily build a formidable reputation on the live scene.

For those who enjoy exploring audio treats in unique venues then to Wandesford Quay Gallery with you on Tuesday night as electro owl Mark Buckeridge exploits the Cork art space for his own personal means i.e. the official launch of his EP Ground Yourself. This one's free in so definitely worth a peak. For those who simply hate going to bed, Cork School of Music duo Waking Up Sunday - who bish and bash off of every genre imaginable - play a late one in The Crane Lane with things kicking off on Phoenix Street at about 11.30pm.

Thursday's pre-jazz parties include big band action in The Crane Lane with The Hot House Big Band, This Club in Cyprus Avenue (trust me, you will recognise 'I Won't Worry' from that ad) and local heart-breakers Fred who have been building momentum for weeks enticing fans to request any song from the the Corkonians four-album back catalogue which will all be touched upon on Thursday night's setlist. The latter takes place in The Pavilion on Carey's Lane.

*Film fans see Triskel Arts Centre's listings for the week over on the official website here.

Monday, 22nd October
- Art of Being Water and Wolfbone in Fred Zeppelins

Tuesday, 23rd October
- Waking Up Sunday in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

- Mark Buckeridge Ground Yourself EP launch in Wandesford Quay Gallery

Wednesday, 24th October
- The Aftermath in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)
- Clock Opera in Cyprus Avenue

Thursday, 25th October
- The Hot House Big Band in The Crane Lane Theatre (9pm)
- This Club in Cyprus Avenue

- Jimmy Crowley's Folk Club with Kevin "Cuz" Beale in The LV
- Bear Makes Ninja and Let's Run To The Philosophers in Nancy Spains
- Hermitage Green in The Oliver Plunkett
- Fred in The Pavilion
- UCC Gig Night in The Roundy

Friday, 26th October
See Cork Jazz Special

Saturday, 27th October
See Cork Jazz Special

Sunday, 28th October
See Cork Jazz Special

Monday, 29th October
See Cork Jazz Special

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