Grant Hart

First Bob Mould charms us in a tent in west Cork, now Grant Hart, Mould's Husker Du songwriting partner in crime comes to visit us on Leeside.
Currently in the midst of completing a new record described as "an ambitious song cycle based on the towering epic poem Paradise Lost by wordsmith John Milton", Hart will visit Cork twice on his mini-tour of the emerald isle including a snoop about Clonakilty as the drummer/guitarist retraces his friend's steps.

Full tour dates:

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- Grant Hart will release double album 'The Argument' later this year

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  1. Bought the 45 of this last time Grant was in town. But haven't been able to play it as it has no centre to fit my turntable. Didn’t realise it was part of such a big project. Typically ambitious. Sounding excellent. I sometimes forget how distinctive Grant's voice is and how much I like it.

  2. You heading to any of the above sshh?


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