Wexford Spiegeltent to house local musicians for one night

Those living in the south-east corner of the country have been whupping it up (translation: enthusiastically enjoying) at various events taking place at the Wexford Spiegeltent over the past few days.

The lavish temporary structure has already housed several high profile gigs including Bell X1 with tonight concentrating on closer to home. Many festivals tend to forget about the local options so it's great to see some home nurtured talent given a chance to shine in an impressive setting with Wexford musicians (and Sky & The Ground session regulars) Paul Creane & The Changing Band, Fran Green, The Darling Sins, Alan Byrne and Ripcord 64 all set to take part in a Later with Jools Holland-style scenario. It's great to see some life blooming in my hometown with the mini-festival following hot on the heels of the inaugural Heritage Music & Arts Day which also took place in the sunny south east during the Summer.

For more on Wexford Spiegeltent visit:

- Wexford Spiegeltent events take place on Wexford Quay, 24th October-3rd November
- Tickets for tonight's show are priced at €16.50

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