Anything You Can Do... #5

Episode #5 of Anything You Can Do… is now streaming over on Curious Broadcast, the online radio station that just keeps growing and growing.

"Anything You Can Do… is a radio show with a simple mission: to play great music from outstanding bands and artists be they Irish or based abroad. Hosted by The G-Man, the intention is for every tune you hear on the show from an excellent international artist, you will hear a track from a just as brilliant Irish act with the end aim being to show that there is simply a wealth of incredible music being created out there. If the listener happens to lose track of what songs are homegrown and which ones are not then so be it!"

Full playlist :
1. Stealing Sheep: Shut Eye
2. Percolator: Yellow Fire
3. The Fervor: Yellowwood
4. We Arrive Alive: Zombies
5. South San Gabriel: I Am Six Pounds of Dynamite
6. Band of Clouds: I’ve Searched Night & Day
7. Dirty Three: Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone
8. Adrian Crowley: From Champions Avenue to Misery Hill
9. Seapony: What You Wanted
10. Ginnels: Gangs of Witches
11. Wild Nothing: Nocturne
12. Biggles Flys Again: Friends
13. The Deep Dark Woods: The Place I Left Behind
14. Ginola: 14 Hormonal Years

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