What do you call that fuzzy feeling where you feel like a bag of ping pong balls have been let loose in your chest? 'Love' is it? Oddly, these symptoms tend to become more pronounced whenever Caroline Polachek appears on a nearby screen. Let's call it a happy coincidence.

On a sidenote, the silken-voiced Boulder native and her partner in crime Patrick Wimberly recently chatted with Chicagoan online publication Pitchfork about Chairlift's strong affiliation to their music's accompanying visuals. Having made quite an impression during their brief visit to Ireland earlier in the year (at Forbidden Fruit in June), here's hoping to the dynamic duo returning sometime soon. In the meanwhile, stream the Pitchfork vid below.

For more on Chairlift visit:

- Chairlift's second album 'Something' was released earlier in the year and is available from all good record stores

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