Guerrilla gig: The #1s, Ginnels & When Good Pets Go Bad

There's nothing better than a bit of pop-up gig action and Cork-based DIY label Art For Blind Records obviously agree.

This Saturday will see the punk, indie and hardcore independent host a trio of bands within the cosy confines of Cork's Quarter, an arts and entertainment house located on Camden Quay (across the bridge from the Opera House).

The BYOB event - something Cork needs a lot more of in my own humble opinion - will officially crack the champagne (or cider) bottle on headliners The #1s 7" for 'I Wish I Was Lonely'/'He's Too Good For Everyone Else But He's Not Good Enough For You'. Joining the power-pop Dubliners will be fellow capital kids Ginnels (who featured recently on the latest edition of Anything You Can Do...) and Cork's own punk princes When Good Pets Go Bad. For the measly price of a fiver that's a thirst-quenching line-up there folks.

UPDATE: show your stamp from this gig in The Pavilion and get into Honningbarna for just €3!

For more on Art For Blind visit:

- The #1s, Ginnels and When Good Pets Go Bad play Quarter on Camden Quay, Cork Saturday 17th November
- Tickets are priced at €5 and this is a BYOB event
- RSVP to Official Facebook event

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