Happy Birthday Anseo! Signed...Hefty

Prepare for poppers and streamers further north tonight as Dublin promoters Hefty Horse help Camden Street's Anseo celebrate ten years of open-doordom in the capital.

Hefty have invited Hello Moon, Biggles Flys Again (who recently featured on AYCD #5), Mumblin' Deaf Ro and Drunken Boat to the certain joyous party atmosphere and it's all happening for FREE! If ever there was an excuse for a mid-week tipple let this be it.

Anseo can be found pulling pints at 18 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2

For more on Hefty Horse visit:

- Hello Moon, Mumblin' Deaf Ro, Biggles Flys Again and Drunken Boat play Anseo (Dublin) on Thursday, 22nd November
- Admission is FREE
- For more details see here

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