Setlist: Band of Horses, Olympia Theatre, Dublin 17th November 2012

Ben Bridwell's Band of Horses ran wild in Dublin on Saturday night, galloping through an eceptional two hour set at a ferocious pace.

True, the energy was reigned in slightly (and only temporarily) around the half-way mark as is often the case when newer material is let run unbridled in the pasture. Otherwise, the Seattle-ites were on top form. On my first time catching the quintet live, an acoustic version of 'No One's Gonna Love You' from 2007's Cease To Begin performed from the balcony of the legendary Dublin venue and official set-closer 'The Funeral' were just two of the highlights from but I could go on all day about this one. Instead I will leave you with a full setlist and a spotify playlist of the running order.

01. The Great Salt Lake (Everything All The Time)
02. Is There a Ghost (Cease To Begin)
03. Weed Party (Everything All The Time)
04. A Little Biblical (Infinite Arms)
05. Laredo (Infinite Arms)
06. NW Apt. (Infinite Arms)
07. Islands on the Coast (Cease To Begin)
08. Feud (Mirage Rock)
09. Blue Beard (Infinite Arms)
10. Compliments (Infinite Arms)
11. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands (Cease To Begin)
12. Dumpster World (Mirage Rock)
13. Knock Knock (Mirage Rock)
14. Everything's Gonna Be Undone (Mirage Rock)
15. Mirage Rock (Mirage Rock Deluxe Edition)
16. Infinite Arms (Infinite Arms)
17. Heartbreak on the 101 (Infinite Arms)
18. Wicked Gil (Everything All The Time)
19. Ode to LRC (Cease To Begin)
20. The Funeral (Everything All The Time)

21. Evening Kitchen acoustic from balcony (Infinite Arms)
22. No One's Gonna Love You acoustic from balcony (Cease To Begin)
23. Electric Music (Mirage Rock)
24. Ain't No Good To Cry Hour Glass cover
25. The General Specific (Cease To Begin)

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