New music: Queen Herod

Holly Pereira aka Queen Herod waves goodbye to 2012 in style with the release of new EP Queen Herod in Whelan's...

Both Little xs for eyes and Samuel & Tickly Teeth will join the Dublin-based artist and musician on the 13th to celebrate the eponymously entitled EP recorded in various studios over the past 12 months. For those who enjoy their wispy, ghost-folk and doo-wop pop swirled together in the same cocktail glass, my bet this one's for you. Take the EP for a test spin yourself using the Bandcamp player below or sit back, relax and enjoy the atmospheric new video for the EP's stand-out track: 'Queen Herod Will Find You'.

For more on Queen Herod visit:

- Queen Herod will play Whelan's Sunday, 13th December
- Tickets are priced at €8 with EP (€5 without)

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