Plugd Purchases

Having tired of playing away from home for the past few weeks, a return to the best record store in the world was called for...
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After time away, it's always good to get back to Plugd - it's like that first cup of Irish tea after a week away somewhere: they do a good job elsewhere but it's just not the same. Finally got my hands on that bloody Here We Go Magic album and I eventually took the plunge on a Patrick Watson record having caught the Canadian's moving live during the Summer.

This week's Plugd purchases were:

Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship

For more on Here We Go Magic visit:

Allo Darlin' - Europe

For more on Allo Darlin' visit:

Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who

For more on Dark Dark Dark visit:

Patrick Watson - Adventures in your own Backyard

For more on Patrick Watson visit:

- Plugd Records is situated on the 1st floor of the Triskel Arts Centre on Tobin Street, Cork (Ireland)
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Want to share your own musical purchases? Feel free to comment below. Otherwise try check out your local independent record stores whenever you can. If in the Republic of Ireland such an opportunity can be exploited at:

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