What a Year: 2012 Recap

'Tis time
So 2012 eh. What was that all about...?

A huge big thank you to all you lovely folks for checking in so regularly throughout the year. The past twelve months have seen quite a few changes on the blog, be they small little tweaks to the formatting and presentation or completely new sets of posts. The additions do not seem to have messed things up too badly as readership has more than doubled so again, the biggest, humblest thank you for supporting what I am trying to do on this little ole' site: spread the word of some great music being made all over the globe.

In an attempt to stick together a couple of my own personal highlights from 2012, I have compiled a summary of some of the more frequently visited posts, just for a little recap I suppose. It's now time for a bit of a break (although I might post here and there over Christmas depending on how much Christmas cheer is consumed) so again, thanks so much for checking in every now and then. I'll see y'all again on January 3rd.

Sifting through the numbers, it's worked out that 52 interviews were posted on the blog throughout the year including:
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The G-Man Presents...
It's all well and good writing and posting and linking and sharing music, but when it all comes down to it there is nothing better than a live show. Fortunately, 2012 provided me with the opportunity to invite some incredible Irish bands to Cork to team up with some extraordinary local talent to create three - well for me personally anyway - unforgettable nights of live music. For links to info on the past three shows see below. 2013 announcements are not too far way...

You just can't beat an exclusive scoop and the blog has been fortunate enough to have been the first to present to the world new music from a host of incredible Irish bands this year including:
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I don't review as much music as I would like to but there really have been gems of new albums and live performances witnessed by yours truly since the turn of the year:
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Certain happenings receive more coverage than usual depending on how excited I am. I tend to get excited quite a lot. The below events particularly tickled my fancy.

Throw in the birth of Anything You Can Do..., the continuing story of The Cork Music Show, playlists, gig guides, album news and it's been one heck of a year. Best to play it all out with a special Christmas edition of AYCD. Simply click play below to start the show. Oh and....


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