High Wolf in Triskel TDC

Cosmic French lupine multi-tasker goes a hunting in Cork...

Legendary promoters Ping Pong welcome High Wolf to Cork as part of an Irish tour that will also include a date on Wexford Street. Let your ears twinkle with the shiny lights described by the man's official bio.

"High Wolf's music mixes cosmic loops, fuzzy guitars, droney synths, mystic vocals and tribal percussions, inspired by primitive and ritual music as well as adventurous modern music."

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Composer sisters Irene and Linda Buckley provide support and will perform a piece on the night.

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- High Wolf and Linda & Irene Buckley play Triskel TDC Saturday, 26th January
- Tickets are priced at €8/€6
- For an interview with High Wolf click here

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