HMV Cork staff sit-in update

"Cut Adrift..."

For all following the latest with HMV (see here and here for a recap), members of the Cork store phoned to let me know this is where they currently stand:

  • No pay since mid-December - that includes basic and overtime, quite a substantial amount of pay when working in retail through the Christmas months
  • No minimum notice pay
  • No holiday pay (HMV annual leave year runs until April)
  • No redundancy
  • Staff told by social welfare office they are not entitled to receive social welfare as they are still considered employed. P45s have not been distributed and no word on when they will be
  • No pay for Christmas temps/part-timers who received payslips but have not received the corresponding pay

What exasperates the situation is the fact that the HMV head office seems to be acting as if HMV Ireland does not exist. The staff have had no contact about pay or what is happening while HMV U.K. continues to trade, albeit in administration. Staff from HMV stores in both Limerick and Cork are now bedding-in until answers are provided.

It's disgraceful the lengths the ordinary worker has to go to merely to receive what they are entitled to. If ever the Irish government had a chance to reclaim some good will from the people of Ireland, this is it. Over to you Enda...

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