Ones To Watch 2013

January blues be gone courtesy of some of Ireland's brightest, beaming lights on Wexford Street...

Percolator, GinnelsGirl Band, DottTandem Felix, Hidden Highways and more have all been named as One's To Watch for the coming year and, most importantly, the reasons why will be there for all to see and hear (and possibly smell - it will be quite packed I expect) come the middle of next week. Surprisingly - seeing as there is less than a week before the shenanigans start - the full line-up is yet to be confirmed but 40 stupendous creators of audio goodness descend on Wexford Street on Wednesday for four days of homegrown music. A full ticket (gaining entry for all four days) costs just €10 with a free pint included in said price.

Confirmed bill as we go to post:

Mossy Nolan PercolatorWiltzLittle Bear
Alpaca Jamboree Guilty OpticsBiggles Flys AgainHarboured
Boat To RowTwin TerraceTandem Felix Dogs
The Eskies Blind YacketyOrphan CodeKate's Party
Sons of Caliber Girl BandI Heart The Monster HeroSkelocrats
Cry Monster CryFern FloorSoldiers Can't Dance The Notas
Autumn OwlsHidden HighwaysCroupier Walking on Cars
Tara StewartSoil CreepDott --
Twin Headed WolfGinnels-- --
Ria CzerniakMagic Pockets-- --
Red SailWindings-- --
Rufus Coates & TBTCave Ghosts-- --
--Hunk-- --

For more on Whelan's visit:

- Ones To Watch 2013 takes place in Whelan's on Wexford Street (Dublin) Wednesday January 9th-Saturday 12th January
- Tickets are priced at €5 per day or €10 for all 4 days

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