Exclusive Stream: The Vincents

Daphne is gone - long live The Vince[nts]. Stream their brand spanking new single...

With word wriggling out recently that Cork-based indie label FIFA Records would be releasing new material by the "bleak drag, death pop" quintet, The Vincents have confirmed d├ębut single 'Asked Her To The Dance' will hike up her skirt and straddle the world on March 1st. Already boasting an impressive stable that includes Hope Is Noise, The Frank & Walters and Slow Motion Heroes, Daphne In The Attic's darker reincarnation lead a new wave of FIFA bands from Leeside who are hungry to make an impression on 2013.

Stream 'Asked Her To The Dance' using the soundcloud player below.

For more on The Vincents visit:

- The Vincents release 'Asked Her To The Dance' on FIFA Records on 1st March
- A launch night is planned for Saturday 9th March in The Pavilion
- RSVP to the official Facebook Event

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