New album: Private Underground Residence

Idealism made real...

The blistering force that is Private Underground Residence will release Dynamics of Idealism on 1st March with an Irish tour set to accompany the unveiling of the Cork/Limerick trio's d├ębut record. A long time in coming, Dublin based independent label Resettled Records will unleash the eight track wrecking ball on the world starting with a visit to Limerick's The Blind Pig on the second. Recorded and produced by John 'Spud' Murphy (of Katie Kim) Stand-outs on the record include the Gil Scott-Heron takes a stroll down post-rock avenue 'Snuffbox', the careening seismic smash that is 'Car Crash' and the sonic synth slalom of 'I Know' but the record as a whole is a brooding behemoth that has been worth the long wait.

Full tracklist:
01. Wind Tunnel
02. Car Crash
03. I Know
04. Equalizer
05. Your Idealism
06. Snuffbox
07. The Turing Test
08. The Move

For a full list of tour dates and supports see below:

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- Private Underground Residence play Cyprus Avenue, Cork Saturday 16th March as part of their album launch tour
- Tickets are priced at €5
- RSVP to launch event over on Facebook

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