The G-Man Presents...The Poster #5

The official poster for Angel Olsen's visit to Cork...

What more can I say about Pretty Handsome Studio? The Cork-based graphic design and screen-printing team are nothing short of gifted. Just look at that beautiful poster above. Mind-blowing. I'll admit that selfishly I would prefer to keep these lovely folk tucked up secret and safe under my jumper but if anyone is looking for staggeringly high quality poster, album cover or logo designs, t-shirts printed etc. then look no further than Take a peak at their blossoming portfolio here.

For more on Angel Olsen visit:

For more on Cal Folger Day visit:

- Angel Olsen and Cal Folger Day play Half Moon Theatre (Cork) Friday, 3rd May
- Tickets are €10 and are available from the Cork Opera House/Half Moon or via the official site here
- RSVP to the official event here

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