Bats on tour

Bats in the belfry...

The Cyprus Avenue bell tower to be precise and this post places me in the midst of a sexually ambiguous quandary. Having received an "official" mail from the nocturnal post-pink ninjas offering manual relief in return for a mention of their March 21st show on Caroline Street, my best bet is to keep to the shadows during their guaranteed frenetically incendiary set. On second thought, Bats are quite fond of the dark so that's a heck of a flaw in plan a. As regards plan b, can never be too relaxed I suppose.

Bats also play the UK in April - see here for tour details.

For more on Bats visit:

- Bats play Cyprus Avenue on Thursday, 21st March
- Tickets are €10 and available online here
- RSVP to the official facebook event here

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