Exclusive Stream: Sans Chateaux

Mighty Midleton, meet Canada...

East Cork is not renowned for melodic folk-pop but hopefully that is about to change thanks to "a housekeeper, a dishwasher, and a bartender" from Midleton. Sans Chateaux were pretty much unknown before their name popped up on the 2012 Hard Working Class Heroes line-up and Austin, Jim and Chris have since locked themselves away to record d├ębut EP Sans Chateaux which arrives officially on April 27th. With two of the band currently in Canada, don't expect any live sessions soon but do treat your ears to this exclusive stream of the deliciously delicate four-track EP. Try smushing the vulnerability of Belle And Sebastian into a tin can with those Fleet Foxes harmonies and I think you'll get the picture.

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- Sans Chateaux release their eponymous EP on 27th April

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