Listen Up: A Depravations playlist

Feel not deprived of good Galwegian music thanks to David Boland of The Depravations...

Indie popsters The Deprivations roll into Gulpd (Cork) on Thursday for a cosy acoustic show. Prior to that, songwriter and singer Mr. Boland let's rip a playlist of epic west Ireland proportions.

The Depravations - 'Little Red Elvis'
This is a list of Galway bands that you might enjoy or at least are worth knowing about, beginning with my own band The Depravations. This is a song about perennial under performing soccer man Aiden McGeady.

Rural Savage - 'Alcohol'
In keeping with the partisan and somewhat self promotional theme of this playlist, I present to you Rural Savage which contains Mosey and Jay, rhythm section of The Depravations. An interesting insider fact about this video? The puke used was a combination of cuppa soups and soft drinks.

It Was All A Bit Black & White - 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'
Mosey's joint second band, in terms of importance to me and my ruthless ambition. They're his number one band in terms of his own, quite hefty, desires.

Mirakil Whip - 'Youssarian Lives'
The first Galway band I ever loved. They reformed a couple of years ago for this special once off Citóg show which I was happy about.

Yawning Chasm - 'Whispered Sun'
Mirakil Whip's Aaron Coyne went on to form this most excellent group called Yawning Chasm with Declan Kelly. (who happened to play the second ever The G-Man Presents... show back in August)

My Fellow Sponges - 'This Dream Song'
Hugely talented collection of freaks My Fellow Sponges created this insanely good video. In one take. Backwards, I think.

Oh Boland - 'Howard Hughes'
Great name, great band.

The Followers Of Otis - 'Belgian Rain'
Shit name, great band.

So Cow - 'Shackleton'
Currently busy getting famous over at SXSW, So Cow are the great Galway hope. And, of course, when they make it in the big time they'll come back to town and make us all famous together. Oh how we'll laugh.

Music For Dead Birds - 'Thursday'
A nice creepy one to round us up to ten.

Stream The Depravation's playlist in full by clicking play below:

The Depravations released Onwards, Westwards earlier in 2013. Download the album over on bandcamp.

Upcoming Irish tour dates:
March 14th - Gulpd Café, Cork
March 16th - Flanagan's, Kildare

For more on The Depravations visit:

- The Depravations play an acoustic set in Gulpd Café Thursday, 14th March
- Entry is FREE with doors at 9.30pm
- Capacity is limited so best to get there early
- For past editions of 'Listen Up' click here

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