New video: Bored Nothing

Scintillating slacker pop bop with Bored Nothing...

Even if you put aside the grainy VHS footage found on Bored Nothing's "new" video, 'Echo Room' (apathetically) screams early nineties rock which is suiting my flannel-flavoured mood right down to the ground these days. An eponymous d├ębut record (of sorts - more a best of Fergus Miller and Bored Nothing's past four tapes combined with five new tracks) is on the way courtesy of Aussie label Spunk Records and UK indie group Cooperative Music.

Full Bored Nothing tracklist:

01. Sh*t For Brains
02. Popcorn
03. Just Another Maniac
04. Bliss
05. Darcy
06. I Wish You Were Dead
07. Echo Room
08. Get Out of Here
09. Let Down
10. Snacks
11. Charlie's Creek
12. Only Old
13. Build A Bridge (And Then How You Get The Fuck Over It)
14. Dragville, TN

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- Bored Nothing will be released on April 8th

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