New video: Futur Primitif

Floating in 'Digital Space' with ex-Anthem man...

'Digital Space' is the new video from Daniel Lefkowitz's space-folk project Futur Primitif. Forever famed by Low Anthem fans as the writer of the heartstring hula hoop that is This God Damn House (listen here), the Virginian and the band went their separate ways in 2007 but remain regular onstage collaborators. Machineteeth was "recorded live with a full band of midnight studio junkies" and sees Lefkowitz - joined by partner in crime Jared Elmore on drum machines and all sorts of un-acousticy devices - taking a stroll down lo-fi avenue. Enjoy the Molly Must compiled and edited video for 'Digital Space' below.

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- Machineteeth by Futur Primitif will be released on Integrity Records

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