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MDR for the BHW...

That's bank holiday weekend of course but that's neither here nor there as I have some terrific news to share. Mountain Dwelling Recluse is a new Irish independent label that already boasts a pretty impressive roster. Seeing as MDR doesn't officially exist until April 20th, that's some going. Tennessee tune-smith Chelsea Crowell (yes, daughter of that Crowell) and kindred Kentuckian spirits Joan Shelley and Daniel Martin Moore will all release records into the green wilds of √Čirinn courtesy of the micro-label including a subterranean recording from G-Man fave DMM whose Mitchelstown Cave visit will see the light of the day very soon indeed.

It's not all just country sweetness though with Nashville noisy boys Knuckles ratcheting the rock up a number of decibels to launch their EP into the stratosphere. Also keep an eye on Brooklyn folk collective Relatives. Literally. Well maybe not literally but check out the live performance of 'Prodigal Son' below all the same. Word has it there will be quite a lot of MDR movement on Record Store Day 2013 (April 20th) so make sure to keep posted for more details.

The MDR roster in full as we go to post:
For more on MDR Recordings visit:

- MDR Recordings officially open for business on Saturday, 20th April
- For an interview with founder Colm O'Herlihy see Noise

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