Cork Gig Guide (29th April - 7th May)

Angel Olsen (Half Moon - Friday)
John Grant (Cyprus Avenue - Saturday)

Angel Olsen, John Grant and Southern Gothic combine for a glittering array of bank holiday weekend choices on Leeside...

Following an enchanting cameo in the Cork Opera House as part of Bonnie "Prince" Billy's touring band in early 2012, Chicago-situated songwriter Angel Olsen returns to Cork for a single - and her first solo - date on Friday evening. Special guest on the night will be Brooklyn-based Cal Folger Day who is set to release new 7" ep. Drom-d'reau on Wednesday (May 1st). Tickets are selling well for this early show (9pm SHARP start) but can still be picked up from Plugd Records on Tobin Street or online here. This is a very special The G-Man Presents... show so hope to see some of your lovely smiling faces there Friday.

Saturday night belongs to the wonderful John Grant who returns to Cyprus Avenue with a whole host of local and international bands lining up to play not so far away over the course of the entire weekend as Southern Gothic returns to Phoenix Street. For a full breakdown on Southern Gothic 2013 and stage times see here.

Other highlights - and there are lots - from the week ahead:
*Film fans see Triskel Arts Centre's listings for the week over on the official website here.

Monday, 29th April 
- Sounds of System Breakdown in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Tuesday, 30th April 
- Songwriter Sessions with Paula Gomez in L'Attitude 51 
- Jazz Improv in The Crane Lane Theatre (9pm) 
- Pugwash in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Wednesday, 1st May 
- Fireside Sessions: in Bradley's of Barrack Street 
- The Scenes in The Crane Lane Theatre 
- Dick Gaughan in The Pavilion 
- Sundown Sessions in The Raven 
- Jazz Fusion night in The Roundy 
- Sitting Room Session: Armoured Bear and Biggles Flys Again in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Thursday, 2nd May 
- Lynda Cullen and Tony Henderson in Coughlan's
- Fionn Regan in Cyprus Avenue 
- Enter Shikari in The Pavilion 
- Porn For The Blind followed by Midnight Marauders in The Pavilion Bar
- Rabbits for Liquorice in The Roundy

Friday, 3rd May 
- The G-Man Presents... Angel Olsen with special guest Cal Folger Day in Half Moon Theatre 
- Rumble on Barrack Street #4 in Bradley's of Barrack Street 
- Fear Stalks The Land in Cork School of Music
- Southern Gothic: Bobby Conn & Monica Boubou (9.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre 
- Shit Robot in Cyprus Avenue

Saturday, 4th May 
- Crowley's Instore: in Crowley's Music Centre (5pm) 
- Southern Gothic: Morgan O'Kane (6pm), The Vincent(s) (9pm) and Rulers of the Planet (10pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre 
- John Grant in Cyprus Avenue 
- Primur (Primus Tribute) in Fred Zeppelins 
- Black Sun: Daniel Higgs and Woven Skull in Triskel Arts Centre

Sunday, 5th May 
- Southern Gothic: Marker Starling & Band (4.30pm), Little Annie & Baby Dee (7pm), Morgan O'Kane (9pm) & Mama Rosin (11.15pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre 
- Ian O'Doherty in Cyprus Avenue (8pm) 
- Thrashing Like a Maniac in Fred Zeppelins 
- Stink and Moustache Latte in The Pavilion
- Southern Gothic: Ha Ha Tonka unplugged (5pm) in Sine É 
- Ha Ha Tonka in De Barra's (Clonakilty) 
- Sen Lotus in Pine Lodge (Myrtleville)

Monday, 6th May 
- Southern Gothic: Hiss Golden Messenger & William Tyler (4.30pm), Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (9pm) and Ha Ha Tonka (12am) in The Crane Lane Theatre 
- Improvised Mondays: Cathal MacGabhan, Marcus Gordon & Dan Walsh in Gulpd Café (Triskel Arts Centre) 
- Southern Gothic: Marker Starling unplugged (5pm) in Sine É 
- Southern Gothic: Morgan O'Kane (6pm) in Vicarstown

Tuesday, 7th May - not much to report for now

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know!

Upcoming The G-Man Presents... Gigs:
  • 3rd May - The G-Man Presents... Angel Olsen and Cal Folger Day in Half Moon Theatre
  • 25th May - The G-Man Presents... This Is The Kit in Triskel TDC
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