Cork Gig Guide (April 22nd - April 28th)

Fiendish Finnish trio return wreak havoc in Cork...

There's no time to catch a breathe following the hectic record store day hijinx with the arrival of first A Hawk & A Hacksaw and then K-X-P upon Leeside. It's the former who step out first with a midweek show scheduled for the Half Moon Theatre for the Albuquerque duo of Jeremy Barnes (who previously fulfilled drumming duties with Jeff Mangum's cult indie heroes Neutral Milk Hotel) and partner in crime Heather Trost on Wednesday night. For those who enjoy their Eastern European instrumental gypsy folk, this one's for you.

The launch of the 2013 edition of Southern Gothic is where it's at on Friday as the colossal K-X-P more slice and shred the red ribbon than cut at an early festival opener in The Crane Lane Theatre on Friday evening. They like to call themselves electro-pop. Electronically-charged spiritual space-rock would be another suitable tag. I missed the mysterious threesome's appearance at last year's session due to family gathering. The cousins can enjoy the extra piece of cake this year as I shall not be missing K-X-P again.

The Cork leg of Thinguma*jigSaw's last ever Irish tour heads to Plugd on Saturday night. Read all about it here.

Other highlights from the week ahead:
  • South Dakota-born but Brooklyn-based story-singer Rachel Ries brings her potted jam (apparently she is know to sell some at shows!) to The Roundy on Castle Street as part of the wandering session that is a Roomful of Tuneful (Thursday)
  • Electronic happenings by way of Clonmel via Cork. Cove are in The Pavilion downstairs bar with support from the newly formed Morning Veils (Thursday)
  • David Kitt's making camp within the comfortable confines of in Coughlan's on Douglas Street (Friday)
  • Local rockers Fingersmith play their farewell show in Cyprus Avenue (Friday)
  • Birds of Chicago's indie-folk ends the weekend (well the school-night weekend anyway) with a late one in The Crane Lane Theatre (Saturday) before a trip out west to De Barra's (Sunday)

Friday: Did I mention the K-X-P show on Friday is FREE? To The Crane Lane Theatre with thee.

*Film fans see Triskel Arts Centre's listings for the week over on the official website here.

Monday, 22nd April
- The Hoots in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Tuesday, 23rd April
- Songwriter Sessions with Paula Gomez in L'Attitude 51
- Jazz Improv in The Crane Lane Theatre (9pm)

Wednesday, 24th April
- Fireside Sessions: Dee Power in Bradley's of Barrack Street
- Oddsocks Revival in Cyprus Avenue
- A Hawk & A Hacksaw in Half Moon Theatre
- Sundown Sessions in The Raven
- Blue Note Jazz Sessions in The Roundy
- Sitting Room Session: in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Thursday, 25th April
- The Art Crimes Band & Suadela Bellydance Live in The Crane Lane Theatre (8pm)
- Stephen McMahon in Cyprus Avenue
- Cove and Morning Veils in The Pavilion (Bar)
- Roomful of Tuneful presents: Rachel Ries in The Roundy
- David Kitt in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Friday, 26th April
- Karrie O'Sullivan and Peter Njihia in Bradley's of Barrack Street
- Southern Gothic launch with K-X-P in The Crane Lane Theatre (8.30pm)
- Fingersmith in Cyprus Avenue
- Baby Godzilla, Stop All The Clocks, When Good Pets Go Bad and This Place is Death in Fred Zeppelins
- Later With: The Grunts in The Roundy
- Moo in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Saturday, 27th April
- Crowley's Instore: in Crowley's Music Centre (5pm)
- David Kitt and Anna Mitchell in Coughlan's
- Birds of Chicago in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)
- Moo and The Holy Sparks in Fred Zeppelins
- Hermitage Green in The Pavilion
- Thinguma*jigSaw, United Bible Studies and Peter Delaney in Plugd Records (1st floor of Triskel Arts Centre) (8pm)
- Screaming Demons of Trashville, Slim Jim & the Bone Breakers and Nagasaki Suntans in Triskel TDC

Sunday, 28th April
- Sunday Times celebrates Arthur Russell with David Kitt and more in The Pavilion Bar (5pm)
- Willie & The Bandits in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)
- Birds of Chicago in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

If I have forgotten anything feel free to let me know!

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  • 3rd May - The G-Man Presents... Angel Olsen and Cal Folger Day in Half Moon Theatre
  • 25th May - The G-Man Presents... This Is The Kit in Triskel TDC

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