Exclusive stream: The David Nelligan Thing

Cork songwriter David Nelligan retreats into his comfort zone to deal with dark matters...

"I am in my comfort zone. I like it here, it's nice.
You should leave me in my comfort zone".

Pleads Cork's David Nelligan in an ode to his safe place, the opening track on latest release Dark Matters. Fortunately for listeners of his new record, Mr. Nelligan's comfort zone is a place full of wonderfully crafted, deliciously infectious indie pop songs. Reading in parts from The Magnetic Fields' ever so sardonic songbook ("There's a term for your condition..human" - 'The Human Condition') while retaining a love for Elliott Smith's multi-layered acoustic pop tunes ('Feelings Unlike Words'), the follow up to 2010's Everything Matters is another star-shaped peg in the prolific songwriter's block. Personal highlights include the accentuated high note - not to mention the spur-riffic tambourine - on country rambler 'The Beersoaked Blues' and the stark contrast between brooding beats and gentle picking that haunt the chorus on title track, Dark Matter. Stream Dark Matters in its entirety using the player below.

UPDATE: Album now for sale over on bandcamp.

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- The David Nelligan Thing release Dark Matters on April 24th 2013
- An official launch gig is planned for Coughlan's, Cork on 17th May

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