New video: Dott

New video from Dott...

The G-Man's favourite Corkonion/Galwegian retro popsters are currently hard at work ensuring all 't's are crossed and every 'i' is Dott-ed (ahem) ahead of the release of the band's d├ębut record. Engineered with Fiachra McCarthy (So Cow/Squarehead) and expected for arrival in late Summer, a lot is expected of the release following the glowing reception received by Button, Anna and co.'s EP which recently saw trans-Atlantic light of day upon release on Graveface Records. To celebrate the fact, a new video for 'Leave Tonight' has hit the Youtube-waves which can be viewed in full below.

- 'Button' by Dott is now available on 7" in the U.S. from Graveface Records

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