Record Store Day: A note

Hello, thanks for coming, glad you could join us...

What do records mean to you? My earliest memory of an LP is of a photo of my ma, decked out in stonewashed denims, strolling home from school with an Elvis record tucked under her arm as preciously as if it could have been the only copy in existence. For me back then, records meant proud 70’s smiles, Elvis in a very un-dapper Hawaiian shirt and the chance to escape from the ordinary. The image, forever immortalised between my ears, burns brighter now because no matter how well-versed the argument is for free music, albums still matter. Primarily, they are artefacts of our past, present and future happiness. Record Store Day is a celebratory nudge to remind us of such and also presents the opportunity for those who might never have had the chance to share the experience of flipping through the stacks to find a new favourite square-shaped chum in 12" form, simultaneously absorbing the wealth of information spilling forth from counter kings and shelve-diggers. The important gigs, the newest wave of music, word of worthy bands that have barely unplugged from their first practise; it's only first-hand that you can experience the magic of what happens in a record store, before you even buy a record!

April 20th marks the sixth official record store day, a day that has in many ways been tainted by big labels and corporations forever on the prowl to sniff out an extra euro. Yet the idea remains the same: get down to your local independent store, show your support and simply see what's going down.  So what if Jack White has released a special 7" of him performing Hotel Yorba backwards dressed in a tutu? There's no need to buy shit simply because it's been packaged and stamped but that's a level of common sense that should be deployed in every facet of life. Record Store Day is a celebration of these hallowed vinyl-laden cathedrals for the die-hards to enjoy in conjunction with the addition of new initiates to the congregation. ON the flipside, it's not an us vs them scenario either. If buying or browsing records and cds is not for you then no big whup, the idea of RSD is to provide an opportunity - or at least an excuse - to pop your head in and see what the fuss is all about for the folks that do cherish the activity/way of life. You never know, you might be back next week which is what the day is all about is it not?

Independent record stores in the Republic of Ireland:

- Record Store Day 2013 takes place across thousands of independent record stores this Saturday, 20th April
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