Cork Midsummer Festival 2013

Cork Midsummer
Mick Flannery - City Hall (21st June)
Ready for some Midsummer fun? And maybe even some sun...

Cork's annual celebration of contemporary culture and arts returns for just under two weeks when various musical and theatrical events get under way on June 21st. Again living up to the bill of a festival sporting "unique events in unexpected places", the 2013 edition of Cork Midsummer will include an expedition into the effect and power of secrets in various secret locations (Secrets of the City), an ongoing underage dissection of Cork's culinary talents (Eat The Street), a reliving of (night)life in famous Cork nightclub Sir Henry's (Deep in the Half Moon), a gathering of 100 Cork living folk on stage at the Cork Opera House to recount their own stories (100% Cork) not to mention an exploration of Cubism and its effects on Irish artists of the past (Analysing Cubism in Crawford Art Gallery).

As regards live music take note of local boy turned chart-topper Mick Flannery who plays City Hall (June 21st), the world premiere of classical composer Ian Wilson's The Hours in Christchurch (June 27th) and, courtesy of Icelandic champer-pop pixies and the highlight of the entire festival for me, the heartmeltingly engaging project that is Gamiina whose finale will take place in the Opera House on June 24th (for more details click here). Take special heed to the opening night of Brinks Helm, "a micro festival of video and performance art, concerts and special events", which will feature a performance from none other than Chris & Cosey, formerly of industrial legends Throbbing Gristle on 21st June in the Triskel Christchurch.

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- Cork Midsummer Festival takes place in various venues across Cork from 21st June until the 30th June
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