Exclusive: Listen to Hello Moon's An Elephant Pining

Goodbye Moon...

With a pained heart I pass on the news that Dublin indie-popsters Hello Moon are bidding us all a fond farewell with the quartet announcing their upcoming release to be their last foray into the recording studio in their current guise. An Elephant Pining arrives at the end of the month and I feel incredibly honoured to have been granted the opportunity to stream the EP on the blog until its release into the wild on 31st May. The last day in May will also see Amanda, Alan, Eamon and Alan make their last live outing as part of a Hefty Horse promotion in Anseo on Camden Street. With this being the last chance to catch the foursome in full flight, good advice is to get there early. Until then, take a listen to An Elephant Pining in all its jingly jangly glory.

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- Hello Moon release 'An Elephant Pining' on 31st May
- A farewell show takes place in Anseo on Camden Street (Dublin) that same night
- Hello Moon played a G-Man Presents... showcase back in October 2012

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