Mutantspace meet-up descends upon Cork...

Artistic DIY skills exchange collective Mutantspace have revealed details of their latest gathering with Cork venues Gulpd Café, The Roundy and The Gateway providing the backdrop to a weekend of free live music. Encapsulating a number of genres from the highly experimental to outright traditional, artists set to perform throughout the weekend beginning 17th May include Cork songwriter Cormac O'Caoimh, the snowballing gathering of talented soundsmiths that is the Urchin Collective (Justin Grounds, Pearse McLoughlin, Enda O'Reilly and more), punk poet Wasps Vs Humans (new collaborative single with Eat My Noise out 10th May), the eclectic dynamic gathering of talent that is by now Mutantspace's calling card i.e. Mutant Cabaret and more.

Approximate running times:

Mutant Cabaret (9pm - The Roundy)Cormac O'Caoimh (The Gateway)
Innercity (8pm - Gulpd Café)Urchin Collective (8pm - Gulpd Café)Stuart Wilde (7.30pm - The Gateway)

*Very rough times. Make sure to confirm well in advance

For more on Mutantspace visit:

- Mutantspace Music weekend takes place 17th May-19th May
- For the official FB event click here

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