New music: Parlour

From the dizzying ride of Carousels to the more refined and relaxed mood of Parlour...

My excitement over London shoegazers Carousels was sadly short-lived with the band calling it a day earlier in the year. It's not all doom and gloom though as out of the Cambridge quintet's ashes sidles Angela Won-Yin Mak, reborn as Parlour. The former Carouselian cites herself as "quietly obsessed with psych repetition, hymn melodies, pop harmonies, tape hiss and anything that sounds dreamy or noisy."

The swirling phantasmagoria of 'My Love' is Mak's first release, featuring on micro-indie label Marshall Teller's recent 2nd anniversary compilation celebration, and features former Test Icicles stick-man Rory Attwell on drums and production duties. Stream 'My Love' using the player below.

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- Order Marshall Teller's 2nd anniversary compilation featuring Parlour here

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