Setlist: Angel Olsen in Half Moon, Cork 3rd May 2013

"Is it Cork, or Cark..?"

Having previously visited the building as part of Bonnie "Prince" Billy's touring band, Angel Olsen announced herself to Ireland's most southern city with a stirring performance in the Half Moon Theatre on Friday past.

01. I Wish I Had the Voice of Everything* (new song)
02. Acrobat (Half Way Home)
03. The Waiting (Half Way Home)
04. Safe In The Womb (Half Way Home)
05. Thought I Had a Clue*(new song)
06. The Sky Opened Up (Half Way Home)
07. Some Things Cosmic (Strange Cacti)
08. Miranda (Half Way Home)
09. Always Half Strange (Half Way Home)
10. Lonely Universe (Half Way Home)
11. I'll never forget you all of my life* (new song)

*May not be the exact name

For more on Angel Olsen visit:

- Angel Olsen and Cal Folger Day played Half Moon Theatre, Cork 3rd May 2013

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