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Galwegian electo-rockers Race The Flux are in Cork this weekend to scrub in with local sound surgeons Cove and Terriers for a Saturday night showdown on Barrack Street. The Mr. Bradley's setlist will be dominated by tunes from recent release Dutch Buffalo but before then Joe, Paul, Ronan and Enda compiled a playlist especially for the blog.

01. 65daysofstatic - 'Radio Protector'
This song is just beautiful. Love the piano, the build ups, the suspense. Everything!

02. Brontide - 'Jura'
These guys are just crazy good and tight as hell. If you haven't heard Brontide, I suggest you check them out.

03. Adebisi Shank - 'Masa'
I love Adebisi. Such a unique sound, and also doing great things to the Irish music scene.
This track from their second album is BIG. Can't wait for their new album.

04. You Slut! - 'Mybloodyjesusexploreronfire'
Can't stop listening to this song. It's amazing - everyone should listen to this. Pretty nifty band name too.

05. Bonnie Tyler - 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'
This song does things to me...

06. Queens Of The Stone Age - 'If I Had a Tail'
One of my favourite new releases. Slightly different feel for Queens but works so well.

07. My Morning Jacket - 'Highly Suspicious'
Because more people need to hear this. Ideal tune for making a show of yourself on the dance floor!

08. The Damned - 'See Her Tonite'
I grew up with this band and in my opinion the Damned Damned Damned record is a fucking classic!

09. Pink Floyd - 'Us and Them'
I picked this track simply because i love Dark side. This song sends shivers up my spine.
It's haunting.

10. Mastodon - 'The Czar'
I picked this track because of Brent Hinds. his guitar tone is absolutely incredible!
Also the solo is full of emotion. He really expresses himself.

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- Race The Flex play Bradley's of Barrack Street Saturday, 29th June - For past editions of 'Listen Up' click here

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