New album: Bill Callahan

Follow up to Apocalypse is nigh...

Drag City's quiet-spoken songscribe Bill Callahan has announced details of his upcoming new record. There is no new music from Dream River as of yet but there is a track-listing from the man formerly known as Smog. For those not familiar with Callahan's 2009 release Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle oh boy oh boy are your ears in for a treat. It even made The G-Man's first ever Top 10 albums of the year placing at #4 behind The Low Anthem, Dark Was The Night and Pearl Jam. Click here for a recap. I seriously hope presentation on the blog has improved a little smidge since...

Tracklist for Dream River:

01. The Sing
02. Javelin Unlanding
03. Small Plane
04. Spring
05. Ride My Arrow
06. Summer Painter
07. Seagull
08. Winter Road

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