New album: June Gloom

Big Deal bring the gloom...

Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood follow up 2011's slacker gem Lights Out with the release of second full-length June Gloom. The self-labelled "cringe-core" duo recently visited Ireland to make an opening night headline appearance at Dublin's Camden Crawl and have already released a couple of videos for tracks from the new record ('Teradactol' and 'In Your Car'), showcasing Big Deal's bigger, more mature band-ier sound whilst retaining the pop melodies that made us (well me anyway!) fall in love with them in the first place.

Full tracklisting for June Gloom:
01. Golden Light
02. Swapping Spit
03. In Your Car
04. Dream Machines
05. Call and I'll Come
06. Teradactol
07. Pristine
08. Pillow
09. Catch Up
10. Little Dipper
11. PG
12. Close Your Eyes

See the below preview video made by Big Deal ahead of June Gloom's release.

For more on Big Deal visit:

- June Gloom by Big Deal is now available in Ireland and the U.K.

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