Arthur Guinness Project: Vote Popical

Popical Island look to Arthur for help...

Dublin's indie DIY collective Popical Island are mounting a charge for the financial opportunities offered by Guinness as part of their "Arthur Project" programme. Home to some of Ireland's finest contemporary indie collections (Squarehead, Dott, Ginnels to name but three), the group are hoping to grow the PI empire by moving to new and more spacious premises, a place to both store gear and merchandise, create a sound-proof practise environment and open a small, independent venue which would host future Popicalia* nights. See the video below for more details.

*Gig night featuring the best of current Popical Island bands

As the video suggests, the band of brothers and sisters are well capable of stretching a limited budget (two Choice Music Prize-nominated artists in Tierannisaur and Mumblin' Deaf Roe is pretty good going) so with decent funding they have the know-how and experience to both invest wisely and shrewdly going forward.

For more on Popical Island visit:

- To vote for Popical Island in the Arthur Guinness Project click here

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